collaborates with HomelessEntrepreneur

#HomelessEntrepreneur is an altruistic project with the vision of offering opportunities to homeless people wanting to eat the world. Andrew Funk, founder of the project, recognizes that "there are more than 40,000 people homeless in Spain and many of them have not had the opportunity to train and find work." For example, in Barcelona there are approximately 1022 people sleeping on the street while in Madrid they are about 2059. Cádiz is the city that has increased this number the most in the last year, by 60%, given the level of unemployment.

Thus,, a collaborative economy platform where neighborhood services are offered, supports the project by providing appropriate jobs to the profiles that need it. Nitai Anidjar, co-founder of the platform tells us: "35% of the people who are left homeless, is due to the loss of work." He expressed his concern and declared his interest in supporting #HomelessEntrepreneur.

How are the homeless in Spain

73% of homeless people are in the streets 24 hours a day. The remaining 27% is found only during the night in some night shelter.

Only 4.5% after a month finds a home, while 44.5% take more than 3 years to find it. In Spain, 54% are Spanish and 46% are foreigners.

Approximately 80% of the homeless are men and the remaining 20% re women.

How to get out of the situation

No one ends up on the street overnight, nor on the first day that a person is left without work. It is a process in which the economic situation deteriorates until it can not sustain itself. A good many of the homeless people do not have or accept family support or from whom they can receive immediate help. Loneliness or marginalization are the origin of this unfortunate stage.

The most useful methods to solve the situation is with training and offering work. These solutions require essential expenses such as clothing.

Getting out of the situation is complicated for people without papers, those with addictions of alcohol or other drugs and those who suffer from diseases and are untreated.