Series 'Little Warriors:' Troglokhan

Unveiled because he can not catch the dream.

The little angels opened.

In itself, he is what remains of the rest of the luggage.

In a sofa. Since November, the  mc  (master of ceremonies, rapper) Eduardo  Xl  Soro (Tegucigalpa, 1989) lives on a sofa. That's why he keeps awake and no longer dreams of sweets.

He gives me the address of his sofa, where the letters arrive: a first floor of the Passeig de Maragall.

Decayed, do not give up  (Despite the distance).  Eduardo, the Troglokhan gorgonite, has also spent some nights on the street. Collaborate with #HomelessEntrepreneur.

"The sofa is brown, threadbare, fabric, three-seater", describes his sofa Eduardo Soro, haggard, dark, with a green cap (hope) Dickies brand (his logo is the horseshoe of good luck). "Four colleagues, two Catalans and two Latinos, also live in that house, and since they do not step on the dining room at all, they lent me the sofa, and there I am, there as I sleep there. They told me: 'Stay there'. "

He does not pay anything. Try to be invisible (mutable): "I try to disappear, to see myself as little as possible. The less I bother, the longer I'll stay. "

Before it had  squatted  (with a ka) a block of tourist apartments in the avenue of Paral·lel, 101 ("there is a need for housing in Barcelona"). The floors for guiris became La Profana, with its Facebook page to "resist": "On June 2, 2015, a group of young people will decide to empower-us with the apartment block La Profana, situat a l'avinguda del Paral·lel, 101 Bis ".

I had previously rented a room in Barcelona.

Now, the sofa, uncomfortable, without stuffed cushions: "The sofa is not so small, but the back ... It always goes cold. There's no Privacity. People go from here to there, let alone bring me anyone ... I have the last shift to bathe and to wash my clothes. "

He does not pay anything. It has no wardrobe. "My suitcase is a bag. I put my hand and the first thing I take out is what I wear. But I'm still grateful, "he feels.

The "rap performer" Xl Soro writes the lyrics about background songs  (beats). Be sincere ("be real"): "I speak of love and lack of love, of my disagreement with the human being. If it is evolving or devolving. What else do I talk about? He asks himself. Of the world conspiracies like the New Order, which I believe exists. From the hip hop culture  ,  which can create good human beings: good children, good teenagers, good men who die well. From a world without borders or flags. "

For him, Barcelona is a "restless lover". He arrived in Barcelona in 2012, crazy with love. He got married. On the ring finger of the left hand, the engagement ring was tattooed. Poetiza, which is the only way to delve into the human soul without breaking inside. First it says: "Love arose." First he says: "I fell in love with a Catalan girl". Then he says: "What always happens: we were fine until we were not well. Like all start, it had an end. " And in the end, abstracted, he says: "I stayed here and I'm still here." And again, the ending also says: "Our monsters came out, it was an unreal relationship".

Like a song by the Chilean guitarist Manuel García  (As you say), he  counts the waves in the air that nobody sees, with the lost look of the birds that crash against the crystals.

And between the beginning of the end and the end of the end, he burns his fingers: "I entered into unpleasant things that I do not want to talk about, I left everything I was building".

One of those things that he built, and still maintains, are the lyrics of rap. He puts on the phone what he just recorded, and apologizes ("it's not mixed or anything, but it works"). The theme, four and a half minutes, is titled "Persevere." In fits and starts you hear loose words and phrases, because you continually stop: "... that your strength fails"; "Singing of the hyenas"; "Rage"…

Rapper Eduardo  Xl  Soro, alias Troglokhan, continues composing in the house of his sofa, not on the sofa in his house. It does not stretch because the feet collide with the arms. Shoot. Note: "We are the forgers of this world." Sometimes, they call him for bowling. He would like to live on music. It does not charge the "bar concerts [/] workshops" to raise awareness with  hip hop  about the problem of violence ". "This is how I contribute", he assumes. He does charge in cases in which the future gives him certainty and invite him to events and pay him something, "fair". Then, save. And it goes to a Western Union office ("global money"). That money is sent to his mother, in Honduras. He is aware that the little here, there is a lot.

"I also know that I am part of that immense invisible mass of the street. If they spend looking at the iphone, you do not see them, but they exist. But I am a lucky one. I have a sofa. "