"The Shelter of Andrés and Felipe"

Little by little you have been getting small items that you required, waste of the common people, but that you have graciously taken advantage of to improvise a shelter, under a porch in front of a church. Blankets, carts to pick up scrap metal and anything else, boxes of fruit, many cartons to mitigate the cold floor of the street, and also to compose something like doors that ensure a certain privacy. You do not like talking to strangers, but when I tell you my personal story, you begin to detach yourself from that shell that those of us who have tasted the honey of hell created ourselves to protect ourselves from more evil. Andrés and Felipe. Charmed. I have observed you a lot, I live nearby and I pass by here often. Some Sunday I saw you take a break on the banks of the square, absorbing the sun's rays after a very cold night.


That's what you least like. You would like not to have to appeal to charity, you prefer the word solidarity. That your effort is not enough, because the street drifts towards a spiral in which all the items of normality are swallowed by the street terror. After many chopped doors, do not believe in institutional support. And yes, of course I will visit you again. We are in a project and we would like all those who want to leave the street to do so. It is not easy but I will return with some news. I know where you are. And you already know me. I am of yours. This article has been written by  Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof and his talent is photo-journalism. Note from the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association .You can make a donation to help you through the bank account of the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association with the concept #Cobijos:  IBAN No ES78 0081-1699-53-0001058408