"The Shelter of Manolo"

I wanted to take this picture in the light of day, to distance myself from the drama of the situation of the homeless. I have chosen the color and chromatic variety in this and other photographs of the same theme, precisely to accentuate this distancing to maintain a certain objectivity on the subject.

The defeat that supposes the situation narrated causes that many indigents sleep or they dwell during almost all the day in their shelter, especially the weekends when it comes to cashiers as it is the case. There they are not to think, for lack of strength, expectations, illusion. It has not been unfortunately, much less difficult the search, these scenes are more familiar than ever in the current times and are absolutely normalized, which does not say much about a state of law that for absolute bullshit observes the constitution as an intraspable border and who forgets that that same constitution assures every citizen a decent home.

In this case it is about Manolo. A guy who reads a lot, he loves Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, in short, Russian literature, like me, that's why I empathize so much. Because of that and because like him, I also slept in a cashier. It is not about lack of skills, or intelligence, or even willpower. Finishing on the street is not about that. It can happen to anyone, anyone who, as in the case of Manolo, suffers a divorce so painful that it ends up discarding itself and abandoning itself without remedy. When he realizes, he is like this, and he wishes it was not too late to react.

Note from the author,  Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof. His talent is photo-journalism.

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