"The Shelter of Rubén"

Hi Ruben. I've come to see you and you're not here. It came to my head that time we spoke, I told you that I felt bad for what you were going through and you stayed a few but endless seconds silent, you looked at me and you told me that you did not have to make the bed anymore.

I wanted to see you because I wanted to tell you something that is difficult for me to comment out here, in the jungle, as you say. I want to say it to someone with a clean look, yours. Out here, good looks, solidarity, but basically everything is measured in euros, is inevitably associated with employment and dedication (as if you do not dedicate yourself to things, being unemployed!), Mixed success and merit , confused value with triumph.



Jopa! Well, it grieves me a lot not to see you. Not for you, but for me. I know that you have already decided your life, and with that conviction, so intimate, you have been able to clean your eyes, examine yourself, move on until the body endures, without hesitation, accepting, assuming your new role. I am at the limit and I can go back to sleep next to you.

I would give everything I have to reach the serenity that you already possess. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. That serenity can become greater by having a real home, because we are conducting a campaign to get people out of the street.

Note from the author,  Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof. His talent is photo-journalism.

If you want Rubén to leave the street and I do not return to it, you can make a donation to the account that signs this article with the title "Cobijos". Thanks in advance.

Note from the  Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association

You can make a donation to help you through the bank account of the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association:  IBAN No ES78 0081-1699-53-0001058408

Thank you!