Homeless people star in a photographic exhibition

  • 12 people without roof show their situation portrayed by the photographer José Sanabria in 'La Verdad Nude Street'
  • The exhibition, June 10 and 11, is part of the "Fotographic 2017" event in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona)

Parets del Vallés (Barcelona), May 30, 2017 ... // The harshness of the daily life of the homeless is what will reveal the show 'La Truth Naked de la Calle' the weekend of 10 and 11 of June in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona) . It is a series of photos taken by the photographer José Sanabria for the initiative " Entrepreneurs Without a Roof ".The exhibition, free access (online registration), is part of the "Fotographic Parets " event and can be visited in the Cooperativa Room (Plaça de la Vila, Parets)."We chose this collection because of its humanitarian character and solidarity towards the most disadvantaged, a great social service ", comments José González , "Mako" , Coordinator and Head of the Fotographic Room 2017. "Fotographic Parets" was born in 2013 of the illusion from a group of photography lovers belonging to the " Parets Photographic Association" , to make a festival that is a festival of photography and to disseminate this art through different actions. This 2017 will be held the 5th edition and is consolidated in a single space, the Parets Cooperative Hall, will feature a series of presentations by great photographers such as Pere LarrègulaProfoto ); Joan VendrellVanguard ); Joan Boira ( X-Rite ), Rafa Irusta ( Canon ); Xus Becerril and David Gramage ( Olympus ) plus Jose Sanabria. This event is being sponsored by the " City Council of Parets del Vallés" and the " Catalan Federation of Photography" and has the sponsorship of FotoK . For more information: https://fotographicparets.com/programa/ Press Contact: Andrew Funk E-mail: funk @ homelessentrepreneur Tel: (+34) 697 877 089