A homeless entrepreneur is a homeless person who wants to tell their story and work to get back on their feet.

S/he is a conscious citizen who thrives to give their best, but doesn’t currently have the right resources, tools, unconditional love and network required to change their situation.

Many times, what helps them survive is what also keeps them from advancing. A homeless entrepreneur personifies hope.

Meet some of our Homeless Entreprenuers.

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BEto De SOuza

Arrived from Rio de Janeiro in 2014


Joined the programme in June 2017 and has been working with #HE ever since. Homeless Entrepreneur is helping him build the network he needs to do his job as a Photographer. He is using his skills to help other homeless people that needs them.

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Guillem Ponsà

"HE was the rope that allowed me to reach the curb."

Telecommunications technician with 15 years of experience. He ended up in the street after eight months of unemployment. Three years living in the streets ever since. He joined HomelessEntrepreneur in february 2018. Hired by Sosmatic after he participated a the sleepout at Mobile World Congress 2018.

He is helping other homeless people by transferring his experience and knowledge to them.