"From doctors to film academies"

Today we started with a meeting with  Dr. Álvaro Vives  (expert in andrology) of the  Puigvert Foundation to define his presentation at our #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle event for November 11th.

In addition to talking about sexual health and its relevance to the homeless, he will offer a quick free HIV test to homeless people who want to take the test. The results are presented in only 15 minutes but Dr. Vives will speak with each homeless person who makes the test at the end of the conference in the street intimately.



Then I stayed with Marcos at the exit of the Artigas i Sant Adrià subway where a family member who has not seen us in 2 years lives and we walked to  the Adama association  to talk to Mari Luz and Oscar who accompanied us to a class of Marcel with 3 students who live in shelters currently. We listen to their presentations and then we introduce ourselves. Two hours flew until we had to go.



Marcos went to visit his family and I went running to a meal with the photographer,  Jose Sanabria , and two members of the  Iberoamerican Academy of Ciné Independiente  to talk about how we can create more visibility for the homeless. One of the people in the food has to play the role of an ex-executive who ended up on the street and I hope to visit the shoot to support her. Just before the lights went out while we talked, they invited me to their  Solidarity Event in Luz de Gas . After lunch, we said goodbye and went to Daps to devote myself to social networks a little bit and promote the next event of  #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle . And finally I received a message from a collaborator,  Joseba of Bilbao, that I was able to launch the first post of the new blog.

That's how one day of #HomelessEntrepreneur has been  .

We are working hard to raise the first € 1,000 in Patreon to create a grant from the same citizens that will be used to create work for 1 homeless person every 6-8 months. We invite you to help us accelerate the process of eliminating homelessness by making the contribution that comes your heart from € 1 per month. Click here to make a donation .

Thank you very much to all who have read the first article! We hope that you share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and / or wherever you want to create more visibility for the homeless. "If you want to help the homeless, make them visible."

All the best,
Andrew Funk

President of #HomelessEntrepreneur