3rd # All sleeping in the street in front of the CAP of Drassanes (11-12 November)

#HomelessEntrepreneur believes that  commitment will eliminate homelessness , which is why we are going to hold a  24-hour monthly event  until Barcelona eliminates homelessness. This event will include  a street conference  given by experts on homelessness and other relevant areas  from 19h30-21h30 on the first night. All citizens who wish to share their commitment of eliminating homelessness, will then sleep in the street that night in the same area that the conference is held. The following day will be spent promoting awareness about homelessness and raising donations to eliminate it for the next #HomelessEntrepreneur. Our goal is to raise 10,000 € per month (the cost to provide housing for 1 year and create a small business for 1 homeless person) because we'd like to end up homelessness for 1 person each event we hold. Everyone will be given cardboard signs and flyers.

The  third event will start on November 11th  and the speakers for the street conference (19h30-21h30) will be  Andrew Funk  (President of #HomelessEntrepreneur),  Álvaro Vives Suñé  (Board Deputy Head of Andrology at Fundació Puigvert),  Marcel Abbad Sort  (President of Oportunitas Foundation),  Jesús Martinez  (Reporter and author of # HomelessEntrepreneur's 1st book, El Peso),  Menchu omero  (social worker) and  Marcos Garrido  (the 1st #HomelessEntrepreneur). The format is very simple and interactive, so eat ready to participate and speak your mind!

For those who plan on braving the night with us and create greater awareness until 19h the next day, there are some simple rules everyone should follow:

What you should do! 
1) Speak with everyone
2) Invite people to donate
3) Invite people to take pictures and share them online
4) Give flyers / poems to others
5) Casual dress

What you can not do! 
1) Can not bring money
2) Can not bring your phone
3) Can not bring food
4) Can not argue or insult anyone
5) Can not speak about work

You have the opportunity to show what true commitment looks like while you have a once in a lifetime experience!

Join us & invite friends! The more people who care about ending homelessness in Barcelona, he faster we will eliminate it because  #EveryoneSleepingInTheStre et  shows true commitment!

Those interested in making a donation can do so by contributing 1 € / month or more on  Patreon  or via bank transfer  ES78 0081-1699-53-0001058408 .