"Angel of the Street" by Matthew Nicholson

A special thanks to Matthew Nicholson, @NicholsonPoet, for letting us share his poem to create greater visibility for homeless people!

"Angel of the Street"
Guardian of the doorway
faithful servant by his side
'I need money not your pity' reads his sign
I can feel his sense of pride.
Watching people disapprovingly
pass by with shaking head
their judgement pollutes the city air
not a single word is said.
I've seen enough
and make a stand,
I pat his dog
and shake his hand.
We both laugh at
the crowded stare
of faceless people
passing there.
He greets me so warmly
and offers me a seat
'take the weight off your shoulders friend
and rest your weary feet'
'What troubles you today?' he asks
As I let out a sigh.
I feel numb and empty
came the words of my reply.
'Breathe deep, feel.
Release your fears.
It's never as bad
As it ever appears!'
His calming presence
cleansed me instantly
giving his friendship
and advice for free.
Thanking him, I asked
is there something I can do for you?
'No, but thanks. It seems
The challenge lies with you.'

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