Are you a social journalist wanting to eliminate homelessness?

#HomelessEntrepreneur is giving everything to create more visibility for the homeless and consequently we would like to invite all social journalists to participate in the process of eliminating homelessness. If you are a social journalist and you want to contribute to create more visibility through written action, we encourage you to be part of our team as a social journalist collaborator.


  1. Believe that you can help us eliminate homelessness through social journalism.
  2. Writing what you see on the streets is not a job but a way of life.
  3. The principles and ethics of telling what you observe is more important than the editorial line that "you have to follow."
  4. Create your own project to focus your articles in #HomelessEntrepreneur. For ex. "Interviews with homeless people on the street via Periscope," "Why homeless people enter the street," "The perception of homeless people according to citizens."
  5. Share your articles in #HomelessEntrepreneur on your social networks and promote our initiative to help us grow together.

If you think you meet these requirements,  please contact us for an interview .

Hopefully you are part of #HomelessEntrepreneur!