"Gabriel's Shelter"

Gabriel is very proud of his refuge. Created ingeniously with the available resources, with their hands, with the waste of others, imagination to find the right place, hurry when building it.

It is your reference site, what you missed so much. At the moment it is what it has, it knows where to shelter when it rains, where to sleep when it is exhausted, to rest, in short, in a safe place for him.

Hidden, few people pass by, and sheltered by the bushes, or infer their presence. Now you can drink and read calmly. Now you can dodge inquisitive glances, and be really alone when you want, which is almost always.


However, Gabriel dreams of a real home. A more solid roof, to start again a life where security and a real rest allow you to acquire drive and determination to work, earn your bread without resorting to begging, a place where the lock that determines your privacy is more consistent that a red sheet, threadbare, light.

Gabriel tells me that his refuge is a projection of something he desires with eagerness. That in the open is a non-living, and that staying in the street immediately sought a place to mount shelter. Gabriel was a janitor, Gabriel fell into the ruthless and merciless clutches of alcohol after the loss of employment. Gabriel wants to recover and for that he needs a home as a starting point.

Note from the author,  Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof. His talent is photo-journalism.

The story of Gabriel is also my story, and it can be that of any other person who suffers a moment of weakness and vulnerability in his life.

Note from the  Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association .

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