"Marcelo's Shelter"

You have stayed with the owner of the port in which, well, sleep there, smoke, listen to your old and charming transistor. But then clean. Your habits are so inherent in your spirit that you do it without any kind of shame or embarrassment. You, my friend, Marcelo, admirable because you do not abandon yourself neither in your personal hygiene nor in the places where you walk. You want your face in secret but I see that fire in the eyes of those who want to leave. Of the one that craves a home, beyond some cartons that the stores throw and you pick up as if the soul was in it.

 You will leave, Marcelo, because you emanate a positivity that people with everything covered do not have. You tell me about Karma and that all this may be a test of your God, but that He will reward you. Clean now, the little you've messed up. Your soul is untainted, your spirit immaculate. Clean and look good with that guy in the goal. He, I and You know, Marcelo, that you will come out of this. Note from the author, Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof. His talent is photo-journalism. This is a real testimony of a homeless person. If you can and want to help Marcelo and I, too, get out of the infamous hole that living on the street means, you can make a donation in the signature of this article. Note from the association Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association .You can make a donation to help you through the bank account of the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association:  IBAN No ES78 0081-1699-53-0001058408