Series 'Small warriors' Archer

Hello Jesus: I am getting in touch with you through Andrew Funk. The reason is that my life experience also includes life on the street, and I am currently in the wire for very little income. Andrew has proposed me to combine what he calls my talents, although they are not so much: the photography and the story.

Just as an orientation I sent you a link to some short stories that luckily I posted on the cloud in his day. I have lost many more, and especially academic works that in my point of view coincided with the most inspired stage I had. As I said, I have been on the street and I am an alcoholic, although I maintain abstinence. The challenge of writing requires routine, concentration and tranquility, and although I am in a very anxious spiritual stage I do not stop writing a short story in my blog. Well, that, apart from the stories and a letter that I sent in his day to an ex-girlfriend, in the signature of this mail you can link to a free blog of wordpress in which I make a short story based on the picture that appears. [...] My life has been very intense and many times I have tried to organize ideas to start writing so many experiences, but I'm not interested in autobiography, anyway, I hope to talk about it with you. [...] Finally, from my point of view, today more is written than read, and I have been a great reader. Now it costs me for lack of concentration and a high point of anxiety for my reality, but in my head has never been missing Dostoyevsky, Thomas Mann, Herman Hesse, Oscar Wilde, Ishiguro and many others. Now I'm with Bukowsky. Greetings and thanks in advance for your time. Now I'm with Bukowsky. Greetings and thanks in advance for your time. Now I'm with Bukowsky. Greetings and thanks in advance for your time.Elidan email, November 25, 2016 Written by  Jesús Martínez  Note from  #HomelessEntrepreneur . If you want to make a donation to help us improve our blog and increase our network of journalists who contribute writing stories related to homelessness to accelerate the process of offering work and shelter, we invite you to do it via the bank account of #HomelessEntrepreneur,  IBAN No ES78 0081 -1699-53-0001058408 Swift: BSABWEBB,  using the hashtag #Relatos as transfer concept. Thank you!