Summary of the 2nd #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle (Barcelona-Zaragoza)

It all started on the steps of Plaza España in Barcelona at 7pm on October 11th. 


We had the pleasure of having speakers from Adama , We Are Not Invisible and Creating You That Night. 


The concrete value we offered to homeless people was a free haircut thanks to Guillermo Garcia de Crearte. 


Guillermo shaves Marcos Hernández Garrido.


Before the haircut (at first you did not want to cut your hair)


After the haircut (notice how your smile has changed)

As always we took a photo at the end of the event to remember that moment.

After the event, Marcos and I went to eat at a restaurant called Tapaspuma where we ate a bikini with brava sauce and a full hamburger the size of Marcos' face. We only had 15 minutes to eat before we went running to the  Estació del Nord to catch the bus from Alsa to Zaragozaat 11pm. On the way to Zaragoza, Marcos and I could not stop laughing and making jokes in spite of the other passengers. We had a 15 minute stop where we could go out and buy a drink. We were surprised by the price of a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola: € 2.80. In short, the price of supply and demand and zero options. We arrived about 2h35 after sleeping about 20 minutes and had to ask some taxi drivers how to get to the source of Goya walking. Before I had the opportunity to ask the first one, he told me that my banner did not fit into the taxi: a lie. Afterwards, I asked him how to get to my destination and he told me he could not talk because he was working. We asked two others, and they told us very kindly. On the road, which lasted 1 hour and a half,

Thanks to  Patricia Sola from Yelp , with whom I contacted via Instagram, Patty Cardozo and Gabby waited for us at 4 o'clock in Plaza del Pilar. It is impressive to think that someone would like to meet with strangers at 4 o'clock to accelerate the process of eliminating homelessness.

Our day started like this: based on coffee, and I do not know how much we took that day. We tried to give poetry and create awareness during the mass of 4h30-6h but people did not have much interest at first with the exception of a few who "were in a hurry" but stopped to talk with little desire to say goodbye to us. After our experience with the offering of the dyad in Barcelona , we made the decision to leave the banners in Telepizza where they received us very kindly to avoid possible restraining orders and police harassment. We enter the queue and go quickly to where people accept and raise the offerings. We look for the banners and continue with the hard part of #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle: The last 12 hours creating awareness in the streets with brochures, poetry and a big smile. We met El Periódico de Aragón and they were so kind to take a picture of us and share it on Twitter.

Later, we arrived at La Boveda del Albergue de Zaragoza where we were going to have our second event, Nights of Poemia . This event was held thanks to Manuela Ramos , who put me in contact with Sandra Lario . Without sleeping the night before, Marcos and I were fried on the sofa at the entrance until they woke us up to invite us to continue with our dream downstairs in the basement where we were going to present. We had the pleasure of having Óscar F. Civieta, a radio program made by homeless people; Casa en una Mochila and the poetry of Marcos: " In the Albores del Límite" and " Something unexpected beats around my heart ."

We managed to include the whole audience. Everyone had the opportunity to ask a question about homelessness and we responded to everyone. They invited us to dinner in a bar next to the hostel and the conversation only improved with the nibbles of our sandwich of Moorish skewer. We went by taxi with Sandra who paid the trip to the bus station (something we will return when we visit in Barcelona) about 1h20. We stretched out on the floor of the waiting room where we slept until a guard had the need to wake us up so we could move. I told him very clearly that we had not slept for more than 48 hours and that we were going to take the bus to Barcelona in an hour and that there is no law saying that we could not rest on the ground so I would appreciate it if you let us rest without discussing it. We slept a little and took the bus to Barcelona where a deluge awaited us. We had breakfast at the McDonald's in Sants Estació at 6:20 and I met a friend,Angel Pachón , who was on his way to Madrid to sell a new Sangría product in another way: Mifuwi (My Fun Wine) . This time it has been more intense than the first #TodoDurmiendoEnLaCalle and let's hope that the 3rd one is even more intense! We hope that you will come to the next event that will be in front of the CAP of Drassanes on November 11!