Summary of the 5th #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle (Puerta Del Sol) "The Three Wise Men Without a Roof"

Everything started in front of the car of our director of photography, Jose Sanabria , in Barcelona at 7 o'clock on January 05. Although at first we were Marcos Hernández Garrido , Paco Mendoza , Jose Daniel Marín , Jose Sanabria and I ( Andrew Funk ), we were only 4 and we did not know why until the afternoon of the day after. Daniel sent me a whatsapp at 17h24 on January 6 responding to my message the previous day "Good morning! Are you okay?" With "No!" I was stuck there, hitting me.

On Monday, I'm going to help me. They give me epileptic seizures. Fuck that pity. "This type of message could surprise many people but, unfortunately, it does not surprise me after all the stories that we lived daily with homeless people The important thing is that Daniel is well and will be able to participate in the next event. We needed 629 km to get to Madrid and we were waiting for 5 hours and 53 minutes inside a Nissan, among the 4 of us, we had slept a total of 15 hours the previous night but we all wanted to offer the children in the Puerta del Sol a unique experience: the opportunity to talk with the first Three Wise Men in your life Marcos and Paco fell asleep, snoring, within the first half hour and I talked to Jose and worked with my mobile between social networks and emails .

We continued to Zaragoza and we had a telephone interview with Maria Rubio Garcia de Nació Digital for an article " Les persones sense sostre es depullen per la seva causa en una calenda solidari " that would come out at 2:14 pm on the same day. I wanted to contact a TeleMadrid journalist, María Bayon , whom I met 5 months earlier at our last action in Madrid with a group of 50 students studying for her Executive MBA at the Mays Business School (Texas A & M), so I wrote to him and he responded quickly. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity to speak with the appropriate person of the TeleMadrid weekend news and we left the same night (Add link to the news as soon as Jose Sanabria sent it to me). We also had many opportunities to laugh and get to know each other better.

Road trip! #LikeAKing #HomelessEntrepreneur

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We arrived punctually at 17h to Madrid but the traffic was cut off thanks to Calbagata the same afternoon / night so it took 30 more minutes just so Jose could leave us 800 meters from the square where we would spend the next 24 hours between the cold and human warmth We were waiting for Albert Torre , Papi and other members of the Chupano association with strong hugs and we began to place the banners we had created after eating in front of the equestrian statue of Carlos III.

Being the fifth event, Marcos and I are always ready for a day full of surprises and we try to make the most of it.

Although we joke a lot during the 24 hours to maintain a good mood, we take our work very seriously and always create banners with specific messages to make it clear why we are there and how we would like to interact with the public.

It is not easy to form a good team of people as sensitive as homeless people but it is possible and our events foster friendship and teamwork that creates a bond that could not be created in any other way.

We had the opportunity to be recorded by TeleMadrid while interacting with the children and this came out in the weekend news (10: 03-10: 23) thanks to the help of the journalist, Maria Bayon, which I mentioned previously.

Reyes Magos Sin Techo, one of our missions was to raise awareness for children and teach them that "giving is the best way to receive." There was a child who was not very clear but in the end, his family showed him the importance of this message. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the night.

I have to say that in this event it was the first time I made the decision to be a Wizard King and the look of the children when they approached little by little to ask us for their gifts is something that melted me. Pedro, one of the children, handed me the following letter sponsored by El Corte Inglés and Vanessa with the first and last part written by her.

Dos cartas a los #ReyesMagosSinTecho #Pedro #Vanessa #EmprendedoresSinTecho

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During the first night, we talked to everyone who crossed their eyes with ours and we received the best gift: their smiles. Every time we perform an action on the street, we have the pleasure of talking with strangers and making them think and smile: It's a wonder when we connect.

The first touch of the police happened when they told us that we could not touch the fences with our belongings or they would remove them so we quickly got up and put it back together again and better still with the new changes. Marcos came with an altar and we began to invite the public to express their opinions about poverty and we recorded it to share it on Periscope, Twitter and Facebook Live. It was a very enriching experience for everyone. 

As the hours passed and the temperature dropped, our stomachs began to scream impatiently for dinner. Fortunately, we met Sandra, a person who lived on the street and who was tortured for being different. She treated us like the Kings we always wanted to be.

Although we did not know how we were going to sleep, the activity of the street always decreases but without stopping completely and it is at that moment when we have to sleep even if it is only a few hours. We got comfortable around 3:30 and received the second police call at 4:30.

We went to the Puerta del Sol metro to rethink how we were going to situate ourselves again. We stopped for 15 minutes, we saw a fight and asked the security where we could sleep without being disturbed. The answer was "there where there are scaffolds." I asked him if it was a safe place and he started laughing. I understood him, I thanked him and told the team that we were going to sleep there in front of the Bankia door. I awoke with great pain in my left hand to sleep on top of it, a frozen mucus in the right nostril of my nose and the vapor visible in front of my eyes.

A positive point of sleeping on the street is that you wake up, walk a few meters and you are already inside a Pans & Co. drinking a coffee with milk. The most fun of breakfast was paying € 3.91 for 3 coffees. I did not understand anything. I was very sleepy but I could not imagine a number ending in 1 ... until I was told it was for a discount for being a magician king hahaha. I said thank you and continued in an intense and fraternal conversation with Marcos and Paco. After taking 2 coffees each, I received a call from the photographer, Dani Parra, who makes some tremendous pictures giving soul and visibility to the homeless, to stay at the door of the sun. We recognized each other and hugged each other as if we had known each other for a long time and took a photo to help us create more visibility and awareness quickly before leaving for another place. Brief but sweet. Just after saying goodbye, Marcos convinced a child to come up and express his opinion about poverty. Just seeing his smile in this photo justifies all the effort after this event for the children.

Although we never rest during these 24 hours, some escape a few minutes to have fun as you will see in the next photo. 

On January 6, another big obstacle was presented: giving 4.5 kilos of candy. Maybe you would think that you would give them in an hour but we need 6 hours to do this great work. This time gave us the opportunity to interact with children and parents and ask the children what they would like to give to a homeless person instead of what they would like to receive. A girl told me, if I had a lot, a lot, a lot, but a lot of money ... I would give ... 50 €. Another boy asked me for a house and he told me he would give a room to a homeless person. The answers were special and came from their hearts. With the exception of a father who screamed at his son for picking up a candy with the desire to hit him and a few parents who did not allow their children to be children this day to interact with us; the vast majority were very kind and friendly.

The time to end the event was approaching and Marcos started interacting with Pocoyo to create more awareness. I laughed so hard that my ribs hurt. A little humor does not make you sleepy but it makes you forget the fact of freezing the night before and not sleeping at all.

Jose Sanabria, our director of photography, asked us to take a picture together as a photo of dismissal in front of the giant tree of the square and we did it because nobody had the energy to discuss at that time or to make the joke.

Only one more candy was needed to give the last child. In the end, we gave much more than flyers, candies and smiles during these 24 hours, we gave the opportunity to open a new healthy debate for children and families: what can you give a homeless person to help you? The best answers came from the children, not from the parents ...

We would like to remind you that this action of #TodosDurmiendoEnLaCalle will accelerate the process of providing shelter and creating work for the homeless. After picking up everything at 5:00 p.m., the space where we spent 24 hours without home was exactly as before, with no one sleeping on the street, and we hope that all citizens, companies and the government put their batteries in order for us to take a photo from the place where they sleep in the streets of Barcelona without them in 2022. We hope you will come to the next event that will start at the Mobile World Congress on February 26 at 7pm!