"The Space Created"

You're so pissed off today, you've been on the bench all day looking at your mattress, because if you do not take it off. You have found it today and you are not willing to let it happen two nights ago, which disappeared. But uncle, you're in the middle of Raval, what do you expect? Well, a place to sleep, a roof, a home, a reference, not having to be all day watching, looking for a hole at night to sobar.


Manuel, you know how to do many things, do not abandon yourself. I have gone through your situation and it is something painful, infamous, a social ignominy, but trust in you, you have worked all your life, until your relationship ended and you sank. You are a born worker, palette, plumber .... why do not you go to find work the day you recover at all? We're going to do it, with Homeless Entrepreneur, or Entrepreneurs Without a Roof, you'll see, we're going to get a home and you'll have food and hygiene. And then, to look for work, without excuses. Your mattress is very symbolic. You do not give a damn, but for me it means a lot that you talked to me. If they help you, they help me, and I help myself. Good luck, champion.This article has been written by  Daniel Marin , an entrepreneur without a roof and his talent is photo-journalism. Note from the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association . You can make a donation to help you through the bank account of the Entrepreneurs Without Roof Association with the concept #Cobijos:  IBAN No ES78 0081-1699-53-0001058408