Sleepout at Mobile World Congress 2018

Are you in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress (February 25 - March 1)? Do you have a smartphone? Does it bother you when you see a human being sleeping in the street? Do you believe actions speak louder than words?

If you've answered "Yes" to all four questions you have officially qualified as someone who can participate in #HomelessEntrepreneur's 18th monthly sleepout on February 25th in front of the #MWC18 entrance at La Fira Gran Via in L'Hospitalet.

We will kick the sleepout off with a street debate on February 25th from 19h30-20h30 to discuss how we can create a better future for and with homeless people thanks to connectivity and active citizen participation
— Andrew Funk, President of #HomelessEntrepreneur

Sleeping in the street is not a joking matter

Sleeping in the street for one night isn't going to kill you, but sleeping there every night can and will especially in winter and during cold fronts. A #HomelessEntrepreneur named Tomas who has successfully gotten off the street lost a close friend of his last week for this exact reason. Carol was only 45 years old. (Read story)

Greater Awareness, less homelessness

We understand the importance of creating greater awareness to prevent these types of situations, which is why we have committed to spending at least 24 hours per month to living and sleeping in the street. You should have to sleep in -6 C in Davos like we did at the World Economic Forum to comprehend that the cold eliminates homelessness literally, but sleeping with us in Barcelona at 5ºC will definitely open up your eyes so you recognize the urgency of creating work and housing for and with homeless people.



Davos, Switzerland

3rd Year at Mobile World Congress

2016 - Tried to get 3 minute conversation with Mark Zuckerberg

2017 - Presented United Homeless Bank idea. (Read article)

2018 - Want to end homelessness for 100. (Read article)

Who will sleepout?

Homeless people and citizens with housing will be sharing the space, and most importantly, the time and conversations together. Any adult who wants to show their support and create greater awareness can participate.

What should you bring?

1) A sleeping bag

2) An open mind

3) A few good jokes (optional)

How to participate if you can't sleep out with us?

Share this post with people you know how may be interested in joining us. It's free and you can do it on your phone from wherever you are!

Can we create a better future for & with homeless people?

Yes, and we should because active citizen participation is the only solution!

If you'd like to make a donation to help us speed up the process of creating work and housing for and with homeless people in our program, please click on this link: DONATE.

For further information, please email us at
or call us at +34 697 877 089.
— #HomelessEntrepreneur