Kaospilots & #HomelessEntrepreneur Collaborating to End Homelessness

Kaospilots (Chaospilots) is taking over the #HomelessEntrepreneur blog with some articles for the coming months!  

Meet the team

Kaospilots is a Danish business and design school specialized in leadership and entrepreneurship. It is a school for change makers, leaders and social entrepreneurs. For a few months during the three year program we move to a different location in the world to engage in local projects that play an important role in changing the world so it becomes a better place. Therefore, 38 second year Kaospilot students can currently be found in the streets of Barcelona. Four of us, Ana, Nina, Malthe and Bettina (see picture below) are spending most of our time collaborating with #HomelessEntrepreneur since we share the beliefs of opportunities and empowering people.

Ana, Bettina, Nina, and Malthe (from left to right)

Ana, Bettina, Nina, and Malthe (from left to right)

From our first year at the Kaospilots we bring with us a variety of skills, tools and abilities within areas such as social entrepreneurship, process design and facilitation, project management, experience design, team culture and more. These we hope will be of good use during our collaboration.

Bringing chaos to Homeless Entrepreneurs?!

For the coming two months we will work with Homeless Entrepreneur focusing on the organisation’s internal processes and how we can support them in their development.

Our first step will be to host conversations and interviews with Homeless Entrepreneur to understand and get a picture of what the organisation looks like now and how they want to shape their work and future.  

A good picture of how Kaospilots take on projects in a somewhat different way is Googling the word ‘preject’, which is how we usually start up a project:

Preject is a concept that talks about the need for a small pre-project before the actual project. This to define ways of working, roles, expectations etc. This is often used by the Kaospilots.
— Bettina

If you want a sneak peek into what Kaospilots dream of and how we work on projects, you can check out this video from our annual End of the Year event in Copenhagen.

The event showcases the work of Kaospilot students in the past year, with a special focus on the projects by the graduating team.

We will write updates about the project and our process here, so stay tuned!

Also, if you have any input, suggestions, questions or interest please contact us (Bettina) via email! bettina@kaospilot.dk