Appearing at events allows us to spread our message to more people who may be able to provide support or lend their ingenuity to the Homeless Entrepreneur mission. 

We participate in all types of events to generate greater awareness, raise funds and build our community of volunteers to speed up the process of creating work and housing.

Our most mediatic event is a monthly event called #EveryoneSleepingInTheStreet, which lasts 24 hours and consists of a street debate, our team and others sleeping for the night in the street and a positive street awareness campaign.

These are held around the world and take place during popular events in which the streets are full of citizens, so our impact is able to reach as large an audience as possible.

Our main goal during this event is to reach the heart and soul of at least one decision maker who can join our cause and speed up the process of creating work and housing for and with homeless people.


Host an event or have us at your event

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