Collaborative support from local governments will help us create real, lasting change in cities around the world. 

Homeless Entrepreneur is a small international NGO dedicated to helping people overcome homelessness through work and entrepreneurship. 

We believe cooperation, collaboration, and individual empowerment are the keys to ending homelessness in major cities across the world. We believe that when people come together, they can solve the problems that seem unsolvable. 

Our mission started in Barcelona and has already spread to cities around the world. In Barcelona, about 1,000 people sleep rough every night. These people survive on about €10 per day. 

We help these people by providing housing, skill building, and opportunities to help them help themselves. Importantly, we only work with homeless people who want to work with us. We believe that individual motivation is essential for change, and that each person must be willing to work to change their lives. 

Homeless Entrepreneur is a grassroots financially stable non-governmental organization operated by highly skilled people committed to ending homelessness in our cities.  

Our work needs support from engaged public officials and donors who want to see real change in their cities. 

It costs us €10.000 to provide housing and professional support and skill development to one homeless person. 

At this stage, we do not receive government funding of any type. 

Partnerships with local governments and financial support will enable us to magnify our impact. We can get more people off the streets and into real, genuine work. We can create more success stories that will inspire other homeless people to work to change their own lives. 

We are interested in a broad range of partnerships with governments at all levels. To discuss how we can collaborate to eliminate homelessness in your city, contact Andrew Funk at or fill out the form below. 

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