Help Us Create Better Job and Housing Opportunities for Homeless People

Do you want to increase your impact in creating jobs and housing opportunities for the homeless? If you work with homeless people in your NGO, we’d love to partner with you on a project or event! 

Why partnerships are important to us

We believe that by working with NGOs and social enterprises, we can improve the current ecosystem and speed up the process of creating better jobs and housing opportunities for homeless people. 

Partnerships give us the opportunity to share our knowledge, resources, and networks so we can work towards ending homelessness together. 

Why work with Homeless Entrepreneur

We provide a network of over 250 volunteers, 100,000 professional contacts, and 1,000,000 monthly views online. We can help raise awareness of your organization and provide volunteers or professionals to help with events or projects that help the homeless. 

We are experienced fundraisers and are happy to help raise funds for projects or events that help the homeless community. 

How to work with Homeless Entrepreneur

We participate in community events on a daily basis, and would love to invite other NGOs to partner with us on these activities.  If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch via the form below!


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